We recommend using Red Shield VPN apps instead of manual setup.
This will allow you to access the VPN in regions where the Wireguard and OpenVPN protocols are blocked, and the applications also have many useful features.

1. Install WireGuard app from AppStore.

2. Open the WireGuard configurator in the Personal Area: "Manual setup" -> "WireGuard".
Then select the location and port you want to connect to and click "Add and Download".
To avoid confusion, give the configuration a name, for example "Mac".

3. Open the WireGuard app and click on the "Import tunnels(s) from file" button.

4. Select the file that was downloaded from the WireGuard configurator.

5. Allow adding configuration.

6. Click on the "Activate" button to enable VPN. 

If you want to turn off VPN, click on «Deactivate» button.

❗ The WireGuard protocol has a peculiarity: if your subscription has expired, or there are some problems with the connection, the status can remain «Active».