Kill Switch and VPN Only Access

The Red Shield VPN app for macOS supports the Kill Switch and VPN Only Access features.

Please read about how these features work to choose the most suitable one.

Kill Switch prevents traffic leaks when the VPN is on and not manually turned off by the user, and the app is running. If the VPN is turned off by the user or the app is closed for any reason (by the user or due to a crash), traffic will go directly.

This is the best choice if you need better control over your traffic during VPN sessions.

VPN Only Access prevents direct internet access without the VPN at all times, even if the VPN is turned off by the user, the app is closed for any reason, or the Mac is restarted.

Choose this feature if you need maximum protection against traffic leaks.

Please note these important aspects when using these features.

  1. When using VPN Only Access, a background process that starts with macOS will attempt to restrict direct internet access. However, this happens after macOS components and some other processes have loaded, potentially causing a traffic leak during macOS startup.

  2. In countries where up-to-date addresses are required to maintain accessibility, you may need to temporarily disable this feature to restore app functionality.

  3. When using these functions, other VPN tunnels will not work.

If something goes wrong.

If you have disabled these features but still have restricted internet access, or if the app cannot be launched for any reason to disable the features, enter these commands sequentially in the Terminal app to disable them at the system level:

sudo rm /Library/Application\ Support/RedShieldVPN/rsv_voa_rules.conf
sudo rm /Library/Application\ Support/RedShieldVPN/rsv_ks_rules.conf
sudo pfctl -Fa -f /etc/pf.conf -e

After entering the first command, you must enter the password for your macOS account.
Once internet access is restored and you can launch the app, please go to the "Support" section, report the issue, then click the LOG button and agree to send the log.
This will help us identify and resolve the problem.