About service

Red Shield VPN is a service for protecting your data on the Internet, bypassing censorship blocks, and anonymity on the Internet.

Our applications allow you to create an encrypted tunnel to our servers in the selected country with just one click.
Then you simply use the Internet as if you are in the country that you have chosen to connect.
This allows you to bypass locks, hide from third parties - special services, Internet providers and hackers the data you transmit, and what resources you use.

• We do not keep logs of your connections or traffic - accordingly, we do not transfer them to third parties.

• Unlike free VPN services, proxy services and browser plug-ins, we do not earn on the analysis and sale of user traffic.

• Our VPN has truly unlimited traffic.

• We try to provide the maximum access speed.

• We accept bank cards, Bitcoin and DASH cryptocurrencies through our own processing, which allows us to achieve almost complete anonymity.
We use cookies to improve your experience and keep some data like language selected and authorization tokens. See our privacy policy for details.