Red Shield VPN is a service that helps you access resources bypassing censorship and protect your traffic from ISPs and other third parties.

Our applications create an encrypted tunnel to our servers in the selected location (country or city) with one click.
Then you simply use the Internet as if you were in the place you chose to connect to.

• You can connect up to 10 devices per subscription. This is one of the best deals.

• Unlike free VPN services, proxies and browser plugins, we do not make money by analyzing and selling data about users, their behavior and traffic.
We pay for the resources of the service and development from the funds received from subscriptions.
We think this is a fair deal.

• Most services use virtual servers, on which data and traffic can be accessed in real time by a cloud provider or other third parties.

We only use our own or rented physical servers, each of which is encrypted.

• We do not store or analyze user traffic and cannot share this information with anyone.

• Red Shield VPN is truly unlimited.

• We do our best to ensure maximum speed.

• We accept any bank cards for subscription payment, as well as Bitcoin and DASH cryptocurrencies.