VPN sometimes disconnects

Some vendors, such as Xiaomi and a few others, are trying to increase battery life by stopping background app activity.
Among the applications that they consider "not very important" are VPN applications.
We are working to make the app harder to kick, but we cannot fully control the Android power management logic.

Regardless, some Android settings may improve connection stability.

1. Pinning the application. You need to make sure that a lock appears above the Red Shield VPN application in the recent applications menu.

Usually for this you need to open the menu using the button with three dots and select "Lock", or press and hold the application for 2 seconds.

2. Changing the management policy for the application.

— Open Android settings

— Select "Battery"

— Select "Launch Applications"

— Tap the switch next to Red Shield VPN

– Leave all items enabled and tap "OK"

3. Allow background data usage.

Open your Android's Settings menu, then Apps menu, then Red Shield VPN, then Data usage.

Enable the Allow background data usage setting if it is disabled.

After completing these settings, the connection should become more stable.