To install and configure WireGuard, open a terminal.

1. On older versions of Ubuntu, you may need to add the WireGuard repository:

add-apt-repository ppa:wireguard/wireguard

2. Install Wireguard:

sudo apt -y install wireguard openresolv

3. Open the WireGuard configurator in the Personal Area: "Manual setup" -> "WireGuard".
Then select the location and port you want to connect to and click "Add and Download".
To avoid confusion, give the configuration a name, for example "Linux".

Save your WireGuard configuration to:

for example, /etc/wireguard/amsterdam.conf

4. Set the correct rights to the WireGuard configuration folder:

sudo chown root:root -R /etc/wireguard && sudo chmod 600 -R /etc/wireguard

5. Turn on VPN:

wg-quick up amsterdam

To turn off the VPN, enter the command:

wg-quick down amsterdam

If you want the VPN to start at system startup, enter the command:

systemctl enable wg-quick@amsterdam