RedLink & RedLink Shadow Protocols

Red Shield VPN applications support RedLink and RedLink Shadow protocols.

• The RedLink protocol is based on the popular, fast and secure Wireguard® protocol, which we have adapted to work within our service.
Our team has kept all the best features of Wireguard® so that you can get secure and fast access to Red Shield VPN.
RedLink is compatible with Wireguard®, so you can use original Wireguard® clients to connect, including routers.

• The RedLink Shadow protocol implements VPN tunnel masking under other protocols.
This allows VPN access in regions where authorities restrict popular VPN protocols that are easy to detect and block with DPI, such as Wireguard®, OpenVPN, IPsec, and others.
Now RedLink Shadow has the function of masking traffic under the TLS protocol. This makes the VPN tunnel almost indistinguishable from accessing any site.
Our team is working to support RedLink Shadow's ability to masquerade under other popular protocols such as DNS, SSH and others.

When the protocol is set to "Auto" ("Recommended"), the application automatically selects the best protocol for your region.
If you have no problems using the RedLink protocol, we recommend using it.
If you are in one of the countries where the authorities restrict the use of VPNs or you may be prosecuted for this, we recommend that you select the RedLink
Shadow protocol in the application settings and reconnect.