Mobile VPN applications!

The TgVPN team is happy to present the continuation of our service — Red Shield VPN.
Our products, as before, will be focused on your safety on the Internet.
The privacy of your data from third parties, including special services, anonymity and bypassing of censorship blocks are our priorities.

Now we present mobile VPN applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Each application supports 2 protocols:

Android app: Cisco OpenConnect, OpenVPN.
iPhone / iPad app: IKEv2, OpenVPN.

This will increase the comfort of using a VPN, increase speed, reduce latency, and help bypass VPN ports block by your local provider or corporate network.

In the near future we will release applications for Windows - among its advantages - support for the IKEv2 fast protocol, and then - an application for Mac OS.

Stay with us.
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