Kill Switch and VPN Only Access features in the macOS app

The Red Shield VPN app for macOS now supports Kill Switch and VPN Only Access features.

Kill Switch prevents traffic leaks when the VPN is on and not manually turned off by the user, and the app is running. If the VPN is turned off by the user or the app is closed for any reason (by the user or due to a crash), traffic will go directly.

This is the best choice if you need better control over your traffic during VPN sessions.

VPN Only Access prevents direct internet access without the VPN at all times, even if the VPN is turned off by the user, the app is closed for any reason, or the Mac is restarted.

Choose this feature if you need maximum protection against traffic leaks.

Read more about these features to find the one that's best for you.
Apple removed our application from the Russian AppStore due to a request from the authorities. Our statement.
On July 4, 2024, we received a notification from Apple that the Red Shield VPN application had been removed from the Russian App Store.

In the notification, Apple refers to Roskomnadzor's request to remove the app and claims that our app "solicits, promotes, or encourages criminal or clearly reckless behavior."

We are deeply convinced that our application has the mission of providing free access to information and improving the world.
Apple's actions, motivated by a desire to retain revenue from the Russian market, actively support an authoritarian regime. This is not just reckless but a crime against civil society.
The fact that a corporation with a capitalization larger than Russia's GDP helps support authoritarianism says a lot about the moral principles of that corporation.

Red Shield VPN has been subject to blocking attempts by Russian authorities since 2018. We challenged the blocking in Russian courts, and, as expected, lost in all instances. Subsequently, we filed a claim with the ECHR, which is still under consideration.
Since then, over the past six years, Russian authorities have blocked thousands of Red Shield VPN nodes but have been unable to prevent Russian users from accessing them.
Apple, however, has done this job much more effectively for them.

We continue our fight for free access to information, including for Russian society.
The AmnesiaWG protocol is now available!
Red Shield VPN now supports the AmnesiaWG protocol.
AmneziaWG is an open source fork of the Wireguard protocol that is resistant to DPI detection and blocking.
You can get the AmneziaWG configuration in the Personal Area and set up a VPN connection using the AmneziaWG apps for Android, iOS, macOS, KeeneticOS, and other platforms and devices supported by the developers and the community.

AmneziaWG is also already available in the Red Shield VPN app for iOS and will soon appear in apps for other platforms.