WireGuard Configurator for Mikrotik

We present you the WireGuard configurator for Mikrotik: -> section WireGuard -> in the menu opposite the created WireGuard configuration.

It allows you to set up the connection of your Mikrotik via WireGuard in a few minutes.

You can set up traffic forwarding in the WireGuard connection of all or some devices on the local network behind Mikrotik.
This can be useful if you only want to connect one or a few devices on your local network to the VPN, such as a TV set-top box to access a movie service.

To set up WireGuard on Mikrotik, please follow the manual.
VPN as a gift ๐ŸŽ

Now you can gift a VPN subscription to friends or family.
For example, if you have a US or European bank card, you can pay for a subscription for a user from Russia.

Open the Gift VPN section on, select the subscription period, and after payment you will receive a gift coupon that you can transfer to any user.
To activate, the coupon must be entered in the "Promo Codes" section.

You can buy any number of coupons.