Refund policy


Fees – the sum of any charges, costs and expenses related to refund, including without limitation any currency exchange related costs
Gift card – one of the ways to subscribe to Red Shield VPN using gift coupon, which may be transferred to any user
Money-back Guarantee – guarantee period for full refund regardless of the reason
Resellers – intermediary internet platforms through which it is also possible to purchase subscription to Red Shield VPN
Red Shield VPN – VPN service provider. Hereinafter also ‘we’, ‘our’ Services – virtual private network (VPN) services
Subscriber – the user, who purchased subscription to Red Shield VPN

In brief

  1. Within 14 days of initial purchase – a claim for refund will be granted fully (excluding Fees) regardless of the reason.

  2. Refund beyond 14 days – will not be granted.

  3. To claim for refund, send an e-mail indicating your username and the reason for the refund.

    Your money will return in 14 days on the same card through which the subscription was


  4. Refund for subscription via gift card – will be granted within 14 days of initial purchase.

  5. Refund for subscription via resellers (Apple Store, Google Play Store) – will not be

    granted, you must refer to the refund policies of these resellers.

Refund Policy

Money-back Guarantee

If the Subscriber is not satisfied with the Services, he may cancel his account and claim for a full refund (excluding any Fees) for any reason within 14 days from the date of initial purchase (‘Money-back Guarantee’). However, we would like to help our Subscribers to resolve their issues successfully before processing the refund request. Therefore, our Subscribers are always welcome to reach out to us at

Refund beyond the Money-back Guarantee

As a rule, the Subscriber has no right to claim for refund after the period of 14 days from the

initial purchase has passed.

Terms of refund

To claim for refund under the Money-back Guarantee, please send an email stating your VPN username and the reason for filing a refund to the following email address:

Refunds are generally processed within 14 days, and are made to the original form of payment used for purchase. All refunds are sent in the original currency of initial purchase. In case of payment in cryptocurrency, the refund will be made in the same cryptocurrency at the exchange rate for the period of refund (also excluding any Fees).

Refunds are made net of all costs for receiving, processing and returning the payment.

Refund for subscription via gift card

Our Subscribers also have the right to claim for refund when subscription purchased via gift card. Refund is possible within 14 days from the date of initial purchase.

Refund for subscription via resellers

Subscriptions purchased via resellers, such as iTunes/App Store are subject to iTunes/App Store refund policy. This means we cannot grant a refund if Subscriber purchased Red Shield VPN app through iTunes/App Store – Subscriber will have to contact store support for that issue.