Mikrotik — OpenVPN

You can connect a Mikrotik router to our service and share a VPN connection to several devices.
The connection speed will be limited by the slowly OpenVPN TCP protocol and the processor of the router, and is about 20 Mbps.
Assuming your router already has basic preferences, RouterOS 6.40 or higher, and is distributing an internet connection.

1. Go to the @TgVPNbot menu: "Install VPN" -> "Mikrotik" -> Select the location you want to connect to. The bot will send 3 files with keys and configuration.

2. Save the files with the keys to the computer and download them to Mikrotik. This is very easy to do with Winbox: open the Files menu and drag and drop files.

3. Copy commands to the Mikrotik terminal according to the bot's instructions.

4. If the connection with the Internet provider on your Mikrotik is configured manually, then you need to change the route distance of the default route to "2" so that the route to the OpenVPN connection is a priority. If the router receives settings from the provider via DHCP, then you can enter the command:

/ip dhcp-client set numbers=0 default-route-distance=2

5. To prevent DNS-leak, it is necessary to provide our clients connecting to the router with our DNS:

After that, you Mikrotik should start distributing an internet connection via VPN.