Q: What is a VPN and why is it needed?

A: VPN is a virtual tunnel between your device and a server on the Internet, into which all the traffic of your device gets, is encrypted and goes to the Internet from the server.
Data encryption protects them from “wiretapping” by third parties, for example, local special services, and the output of traffic through servers in free countries allows you to bypass site blocking.

Q: How to start using TgVPN?

A: Open the bot @TgVPNbot in Telegram and press the / start button. You will receive a VPN account with a free period, then click “Install VPN” and follow the simple instructions.

Q: What devices does TgVPN work on?

A: Easy setup is available on iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android devices and Mikrotik routers.
You can use our service on any device. To do this, you need to install the OpenVPN client, then in the Telegram bot go to the "Install VPN" section, select "Other", "OpenVPN", then import the OpenVPN profile into your device.

Q: What are the advantages of TgVPN over other services?

A: We have unlimited traffic, maximum speed, we do not force users to install applications with closed source code, and others, they can be read in the section "About".

Q: Do you limit traffic? What is the maximum VPN speed?

A: We do not limit the amount of traffic and try to provide the maximum speed so that you are comfortable using the VPN all the time.

Q: On how many devices can I use a VPN account?

A: You can install a VPN profile on any number of devices, but five devices can be connected to a VPN at the same time.

Q: I have a low connection speed!

A: We try to make the VPN comfortable to use, but not everything depends on us: there may be poor connectivity or congested channels between your device and our server. Try connecting to a different location.

Q: My VPN regularly disappears on my iPhone / iPad, although the network icon shows good reception!

A: Most likely, this is due to an attempt to connect to Wi-Fi with authorization (captive portal). All traffic should go to the VPN tunnel, but authorization does not allow you to connect to the VPN. You need to either disable Wi-Fi or disable VPN, log in to Wi-Fi, then enable VPN.

Q: What protocols does VPN work on?

A: The service works on the IPSec (IKEv2), OpenVPN and OpenConnect protocols. For devices on iOS and MacOS, we use IKEv2, and for Windows, Android and everyone else - OpenVPN.

Q: What protocols and ports does OpenVPN work on?

A: Currently, connection to OpenVPN is possible through the protocols and ports:
UDP/443, TCP/22, TCP/8080, TCP/80. However, this list is subject to change. You can get the current list at any time by opening the .ovpn configuration file received from the bot in any text editor. All these ports and protocols are registered in the configuration at the same time - and if a port is unavailable (for example, if it is blocked by a corporate firewall), an OpenVPN client will automatically try to connect to the next port/protocol.

Q: I want to connect a router to the VPN that my relatives, friends, a dog and neighbors use. Will this work?

A: It is possible, but we do not guarantee the correct operation of this scheme. The service is designed for individual use.

Q: What information about my account and traffic do you store?

A: We store the information necessary for the account to work: your Telegram id, the account itself, payment history.