TgVPN is a service for protecting your data on the Internet, bypassing censorship blocks, and anonymity on the Internet.

Interaction with the service occurs through the @TgVPNbot bot in Telegram..


• We accept bank cards, Bitcoin and DASH cryptocurrencies through our own processing, which together with the use of Telegram allows us to achieve almost complete anonymity.

• We do not keep logs of your connections or traffic - accordingly, we do not transfer them to third parties.

• Unlike free VPN services, proxy services and browser plug-ins, we do not earn on the analysis and sale of user traffic.

• Our VPN is truly unlimited.

• We try to provide the maximum access speed.

Supported Protocols:
- OpenVPN on ports
443 UDP, 80 TCP, 22 TCP, 8080 TCP (for Mikrotik routers);
- IKEv2;
- OpenConnect (Cisco AnyConnect).

Our company is located in one of the European countries, which allows you to ignore requests for information from the authorities of the former CIS.
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