How to start using Red Shield VPN?

Install the Red Shield VPN application for iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows or macOS, register in the application, pay for the subscription and connect to the VPN.

After tapping on the connect button, the connection is not established.

Most likely, the VPN protocol is being blocked by your ISP or corporate firewall.
Our applications support multiple protocols.
Open the Settings menu, change the VPN protocol to another and try to connect again.
You can read the guides on changing the protocol.

VPN sometimes disconnects.

Some vendors, such as Xiaomi and a few others, are trying to increase battery life by stopping background app activity.
Among the applications that they consider "not very important" are VPN applications.
We are working to make the app harder to kick, but we cannot fully control the Android power management logic.

Regardless, some Android settings may improve connection stability.

Try these settings to improve connection stability.

What is a location?

This is the place (country, city) where our servers are located. By connecting to any location, you will physically go online in the corresponding city or country.

How many devices can I connect to one VPN account?

You can install the application and log into your account on any number of devices, but at the same time you can connect to the VPN only from 7 devices.

What if after connecting to a VPN, the internet becomes slow?

The Internet is complex, and not always connecting to the geographically closest location provides the highest speed and lowest latency.

1. Try to connect to a different location. To do this, click or tap on the location on the main page of the application and select another one from the list.

2. Try to change the protocol in the application settings.
By default, optimal protocols are selected in applications, but some providers may slow down some protocol.
You can measure the speed to our server while connected to it at

The rest of the frequently asked questions about the service can be found here.